Departments and Programs
Master Programs PhD Programs
Pharmaceutical engineering Environment - Planning
Industrial engineering Industrial Eng
Electrical engineering - Telecommunication systems Geography and Urban Planning
Mechatronics Political Geography
Mechanical engineering - Manufacturing Nanochemistry
Mechanical engineering - Applied Design Applied Chemistry
Mechanical engineering - Energy Conversion Private Law
Environmental Design engineering Public Law
Energy Systems Eng - Environment & Energy International Law
International Commercial Economic Rights Theology and Islamic teachings of jurisprudence and the foundations of Islamic law
International Law Sociology - Economic Sociology and Development
Private Law Technology Management
MBA - Marketing Media Management
MBA - Strategy Industrial Eng - Production & Operation
Media Management Human Resourses Management
Executive Mangement Commercial Management - Marketing Management
Industrial Mangement Governmental Management -  Decision making and policy making
Human Resources Management Accounting
Bussiness Management Financial Management
Management of City Affairs Persian language and literature
Govermental Management English language and literature
Technology Management Teaching English
Gfinancial Management Planning and management of sports
Economic Sciences Physical Education and Sport Sciences - Physiology
Entrepreneurship - Bussiness Physical Education and Sport Sciences - Sport pathology and breeding movements
English language and literature Physical Education and Sport Sciences - Motion Behavior
English Education Metallurgy and Materials Eng
Educational Management


Clinical Psychology
Psychology and the teaching of exceptional children
Urban Planing
Urban Design
Immage Connection
Industrial Design
Physical education and sports science - Sport Management
Architecture Eng
Criminal Law
Public Law
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