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2018-12-03 4940 News Lectures by Professors from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and University of Geneva, Switzerland at the conference on the role of interdisciplinary studies in scientific & Entrepreneurship development of Iran
2018-08-05 4831 Research based PhD Research Based PhD program at University of Tehran Alborz Campus
2018-07-07 4817 E-Learning MA in Iranian Cultural Studies
2018-07-07 4814 News Spanish delegation visits UT Alborz Campus
2018-06-22 4813 News Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB) signed a MoU with UT Alborz Campus
2018-06-06 4812 News University of Tehran E-Learning Center signed a MoU with UT Alborz Campus
2018-05-15 4811 News Rector of University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina visited UT Alborz Campus
2018-05-10 4810 News Russian delegation from European University of Saint Petersburg visited UT Alborz Campus
2018-04-14 4807 News Prof. Michael Ambuhl delivered a lecture at UT Alborz Campus
2018-04-09 4806 News Dean of the School of Management and Economics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland visited UT Alborz Campus
2018-04-05 4805 News Dean of the UT Alborz Campus attended the Annual summit of Eurasia Higher Education Institutes
2018-03-26 4789 News Holding the first International Workshop on Finding UN Information and Documentation by UT Alborz Campus
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