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2018-04-09 Date
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Asghar Asghar Student
Designing risk culture model in banking industry Title

While quantitative models for risk management are now well established, but human and behavioral aspects focusing on the concept of risk culture requires intellectual endeavors and more theories development. Creating an appropriate risk culture is still one of the main challenges in risk management. Thus, in this dissertation the results of designing risk culture model in Iranian banking industry has been submitted.

New and relatively complicated identity of concepts and components of risk culture made it feasible to apply multiple methods instead of one method; in this research, Sequential Mixed Methods has been used. In order to make research objectives come true, by studying of previous research, a recognition over the current circumstance is attained and current models and frameworks have been considered as the start point. Through the review of the related literature, ultimately a list about the dimensions and factors of risk culture was extracted. To continue, by interviewing with some scholars and specialists, selected by the combination of non-probability sampling; purposive/judgmental and snowball, these components were discussed to which some issues were added. resulted data was analyzed by the qualitative method of thematic analysis and QSR Nvivo software. Then this list was completed and finalized in two stages through The fuzzy delphi method Accordingly, risk culture components were determined and validated based on panel members opinions consisted of risk managers of banking system. In sum, 56 component, 13 sub-dimensions and 4 main dimensions as component and dimensions of risk culture in banking industry were realized. 2 components as tangible results of risk culture and 19 factors as 5 dimensions of influential external elements on the risk culture of banking system were realized. In the next step, by applying Confirmatory factor analysis, validity of the model elements was tested and approved. Eventually, by using the method of survey, the amount of there components in the research community (Refah Bank) was assessed.



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