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2017-07-24 Date
2097 Thesis ID
Seyedmohammad Seyedmohammad Student
Study of Business Model to Develop Technological Innovation with Strategic Thinking Approach Title

Today, businesses often work for the creation of wealth in the business arena, and business models discuss how to get this wealth. On the other hand, overcompensation is perhaps the most important barrier for firms to create wealth, Technological innovations are linked to market competition, due to these innovations, products and services are quickly outdated and replaced by new products and services. Now, this strategic thinking with its creative aspects is one of the key factors of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hence, in this research, the researcher has tried to examine the business model for the development of technological innovation with the strategic thinking approach and the research domain of 87 firms participated in the 14th National Awards of Innovation and Technology Management and 71 managers were selected as the sample size according to the position and the impact on innovation and strategic thinking that were analyzed by using statistical techniques such as Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for examining data normalization and one-way variance analysis and multivariate regression.

Due to the results of analyzing the hypothesis of the research, the relation and impact of technological innovation approach on the selected business model of manufacturing and service companies is evident, on the other hand, the impact and relevance of strategic thinking on the business model of manufacturing and service companies can also be observed. But due to other raised hypotheses, the relationship between technological innovation approach, competitive advantage and the relationship between strategic thinking and keeping and creation of customer value are rejected due to current conditions of the companies under study, on the other hand, given that strategic thinking is one of the fundamental pillars of understanding the need for process and technological change, it can effectively and directly affect the business model.



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