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2017-09-20 Date
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Improving the energy efficiency of heterogeneous wireless cellular network in the smart grid environment with using renewable sources Title

The growing concern about global environmental change has paved the way for energy use, which has already been used remarkably for the green wireless industry and is expected to play a major role in reducing power consumption. Cellular network with a combination of renewable energy and power grid is conditioned to reduce energy consumption as well as consumer demand, attend to reduces energy consumption and consequently reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As it is known, the use of mobile phones and data and applications is increasing rapidly, and energy consumption is also increasing due to increase in usage. Therefore, energy consumption needs to be reduced. Energy efficiency has been discussed in many networks and we specifically focus on adaptive power management in heterogeneous networks based on small cells. In these networks, macrocells are used to provide efficient coverage, and microcells and small cells are used to increase data speed and better coverage. So, suppose there is a macrocell in each service area, and there are several microcells and several small cells, each of which is connected to more than a few users. In each small cell, services are provided for several users. Microcells are connected to the network by macrocells and small cells are connected by microcells.

Given that the power grid is changing from traditional networks to smart grids, it can lead to optimization of power generation, the high transmission and distribution of power, prevent power outages and reduce peak (peak consumption) which is used by combining network and information technology with specific intelligence control algorithms. In this research, we will study the green heterogeneous cellular networks based on small cells in the smart grid environment. In an intelligent network environment that knows the price and type of electricity usage all the time, by adjusting the amount of electricity consumed and allocating renewable energy sources for heterogeneous cellular networks and storing it in the batteries, it reduces energy consumption and consequently reduces CO2 emissions, which is one of the major goals of this research.



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