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2018-02-03 Date
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Faraz Faraz Student
Effects of progressive dual-task training on motor performance status, fall risk and quality of life in healthy and mild cognitive impairment elderly Title

Patients with MCI demonstrate suffer from inadequacy in compensatory techniques and lacking motor control while falling, hence it appears that cognitive and motor deficiencies are inter-related. While epidemiological evidence in support of motor and cognitive risk factors for falls exists, the effects of cognitive impairment on postural control have barely been studied. Moreover, the mechanism of the increased occurrence and relentlessness of falls is vague. The aim of this study is to investigate the progressive dual-task effects on motor performance, cognitive status and fall risk between older adults with and without MCI. The mean age of the participants who entered the trial was 75.65 years (range, 65–90). Examinations after 12 weeks showed that the MCI group experienced more positive changes in cognition, while the normal group had the most evident effects in fall risk and performance in FR test (P<0/05). This finding supports the previous results which implied the positive effects of dual-task training on cognitive variables are associated to biological variations which arise during exercise training. We also suggest that the physical benefits of progressive dual-task training (e.g. flexibility) are overriding the cognitive changes. In future research, the pathophysiology and further clinical implications should be investigated.



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