Viva Sessions
17 dissertations found
Student Id Student Name Degree Major Title Adviser / Consultant Date
150391138 Sara Mahabadi PhD A Comparative Study of Native and Non-native Novice ESL and EFL Teachers in Relation to Their Identity and Agency in Canada and Iran Dr. shivah keivan panah
Dr. Majid Nemati
2018-05-23 11:00
150293487 Arash Hamid Siboni MSc MBA - Marketing Management An investigation to rank factors involved in purchase decisions making in B2B markets based on AHP (case study: purchasing air intake filters in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and power plant in Iran) Dr. Masoud keimasi
Dr. Mohammad Rahim Esfidani
2018-05-22 13:00
150292927 Shahrbanoo Jomehpour PhD Planning and Sports Management Development of Modeling Human Resources Branding in the Sports Industry Dr. Mohammad Khabiri
Dr. Majid Jalali farahani
2018-05-20 10:00
150291385 Alireza Shahabi PhD Tax Policy Model considering cultural factors Dr.
Dr. kaveh mehrani
2018-05-20 8:00
1502940220 Simin Mehrikoli MSc URBAN AFFAIRS MANAGEMENT Identification of effective factors on increasing the social resilience of vulnerable and endangered neighborhoods in the face of natural disasters Dr. Monavariyan, Abas
Dr. Mojtaba.Amiri
2018-05-16 12:00
150292924 Mehdi Biglari Kami PhD Multiperiod portfolio selection with higher-order moment Dr. Reza Tehrani
Dr. saeed Fallahpour
Dr. mohammadreza rostami
2018-05-16 7:00
150494055 Atefeh Beiginezhad MSc ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS Buried object detection with the aim of mine detection in a Multilayer Medium with Slightly Rough Surface Using FDTD Dr. mahmoud mohammad taheri 2018-05-15 15:00
1502940249 Alireza Naghyaee MSc Financial Modeling Of Refinery Erection Facilities Buyback Contracts Dr. Mohammadreza Taghizadeh yazdi
Dr. Ezatollah Abbasian
2018-05-15 15:15
150294106 Fateme Afsahi MSc Clinical psychology the mediational rol of integrative Self-regulationin relationship of perceived stress and interprsonal dependency with mental health,shame and guilt Dr. Nima Ghorbani
Dr. Reza Rostami
Dr. narges ghandi
2018-05-15 10:30
150392376 Fatemeh Bornaki PhD Politics of Agonistic Feminine Identity in the 21st Century American Novels:A Socio-cultural Study of Transnational Women in Anne Tyler’s Digging to America, Lorrie Moore’s A Gate at the Stairs, Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder, and Claire Messud’s The Woma Dr. ali salami
Dr. Chris Weedon
2018-05-12 16:00
150392379 Bamshad Hekmatshoar Tabari PhD Africa in the Mirror of the Discourse of Chinua Achebe’s Tetralogy: Things Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease, Arrow of God and The Man of the People Dr. ali salami
Dr. mahmoud azizi
2018-05-09 16:00
150294143 Farimah Ijadi MSc Clinical psychology the relation betweeen parent's integrative self regulation and concentration and self control in children agw 4-6 Dr. Nima Ghorbani
Dr. Reza pour hossein
2018-05-08 11:00
150392321 Saeid Taghdiri PhD PERSIAN LANGUAGE & LITERATURE Correction of the Tohfat Al Sa`adat manuscript Dr. Abdolreza Seif
Dr. mohammad mansor tabatabaei
Dr. mohammad hossein mohammadi
2017-12-26 14:00
150294493 Arghavan Arabamini MSc The effect of continuous and HIT exercise training on FGF2expression and cardiac fibrosis in old and young rats Dr. rahman souri
Dr. siroos choubineh
2018-05-26 13:30
150294147 Fatemeh Babanoori MSc Clinical psychology a qualitative study on causes of women's fear of their husband's infedilityin 20_35 year old women Dr.
Dr. Mohammadreza
2018-05-26 10:00
150293559 Ali Ghaemmontazery MSc Education/ Educational Administration & Planning the relationship btwen organizational learning and communicational skills with organizational conflict Dr. Mirkamali, Seyed Mohammad
Dr. mohammad reza keramati
2018-05-26 15:30
150294898 Hosin Tirdad MSc Psychology and Education of Exceptional children The effect of therapeutic games on the increase of social skills of children with autism Dr. GholamAli Afrooz
Dr. masoud gholam ali lavasani
2018-05-26 10:00
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