Viva Sessions
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Student Id Student Name Degree Major Title Adviser / Consultant Date
150393074 Vahid Ranjbar MSc Llm in International Trade and Economic Law analysis of URDG758 and comparison with iranian law Dr. Mohsen Sadeghi
Dr. alireza mohammad zadeh
2018-10-17 15:00
150292369 Mehrshad Javaherdashti PhD Designing a model for the division of labor, science and technology policy-making body in Iran Dr. seyed kamal vaezi
Dr. Ali asghar Pourezzat
Dr. mehdi eliyasi
2018-10-07 16:30
150294337 Haleh Rahemi MSc Accounting investigate the relationship between the emotional tendencies of investors and the volume of stock trading Dr. mohammah hossein setyash
Dr. Ezatollah Abbasian
2018-10-03 16:00
150294829 Sara Agharazi MSc Accounting earning management befor IPO Dr. Bita Mashayekhi
Dr. Mohammadreza Taghizadeh yazdi
2018-10-03 12:30
150394115 Marziyeh Darvishi MSc Llm in International Trade and Economic Law Competent Courts in dealing with Oil Pollution in International Trade Dr. Hasan Mohseni
Dr. Seyed Nasrolah Ebrahimi
2018-10-03 11:00
150192029 Atiyeh Abbasi PhD Synthesis of flame retardant fiber of Polyethylene terephthalate and feasibility study for using in air filter Dr. alireza shakeri
Dr. alireza
2018-10-03 13:00
150295041 Elmira Behroozi MSc Accounting The Effect of Financing Costs on Financial Crises of Tehran Stock Exchange Dr. Bita Mashayekhi
Dr. Arash Tahriri
2018-10-03 12:00
150291355 Mohammad Esmaeili Joosheghani PhD Management - Business Management Desinging amodel for consumers life-style on the basis of VALS model and its role in policy making of business companies Dr. Mohammad Rahim Esfidani
Dr. Vahid Nasehifar
2018-10-02 17:30
150293644 Hassan Bakhshizadeh Imcheh PhD SOCIOLOGY Explanation of Social factors in the transformation of Islamic city building in the contemporary period (Case Study: Tehran, "Islamic city") Dr. abdolhossein
Dr. qasem.zaeri
2018-10-02 12:30
150294399 Setareh Soroori MSc The effect of eight weeks of yoga exercises on static and mental balance in elderly women with an emphasis on prevention of falling injury. Dr. Reza Rajabi
Dr. Houman Minou Nezhad
2018-10-02 8:30
150294320 Sahar Dastfal MSc The Immediate and Lasting Effect of a Short-term Protocol with Wobble Board on the Position Sense and Balance of Ankle Joint of Female College Athlete Dr. Foad seydi
Dr. Houman Minou Nezhad
2018-10-02 11:30
150693002 Fariba Fathisaghezchi PhD Environmental Planning tourism carrying capacity assessment in coastal wetland case study: Sourkhankol Dr. Hamidreza Jafari
Dr. mashood karimi
Dr. mahdi adibi
2018-10-02 8:00
150494338 Mazdak Salamat MSc Engineering design environment eco camp design on basic of destination green image case study Anzali wetland Dr. Hassan Darabi
Dr. amir hooshang EHSANI
2018-10-02 14:00
150292858 Alireza Azizi PhD University talent management modeling Dr. mohammadsadegh
Dr. Tahmores Hasangholi pour
Dr. mohammad taban
2018-10-01 16:00
150294368 Elnaz Rafizadeh MSc The Moderating Role of the duality of innovation on the relationship between marketing capabilities with the strategies and competitive advantages and its impact on export performance Dr. Mohammad Rahim Esfidani
Dr. Tahmores Hasangholi pour
2018-10-01 18:00
150394459 Javid Ghamat MSc private law The Role and Functions of Marriage Registration and its Legal Effects Dr. Nasrin Tabatabaei
Dr. mohammad
2018-10-01 11:00
150295151 Mohammad Sistani Baduei MSc prioritizing the barriers of increasing of spectators in the iranian bsketball super league from the perspective of experts Dr. Amin Dehghan Ghahfarkhi
Dr. ebrahim ali dost
2018-10-01 12:30
150494226 Hassan Moshiri MSc Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing AM60 to ST316 joining with TLP processing and optimize joining time Dr. AlireZA Araei
Dr. alireza sadeghi
2018-09-30 10:00
150295162 Raheleh Shahrabi Farahani MSc Business Creation Fintech Business Models on Banking Industry(Bank Pasargad) Dr. kambiz
Dr. ali davari
2018-09-30 7:45
150293706 Maryam Asghari MSc the reactive between doctor and patient in health projects Dr. sahid reza
Dr. mehdi
2018-09-30 13:00
150294330 Hanie Dehghani Zangene MSc Business Creation Teh effective (factor-dependent) individual factors on the speed of the formation of a new business among novice businesses in selected industries in Iran Dr. Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi
Dr. Kamal Sakhdari
2018-09-30 13:30
1502940141 Mojtaba Kor MSc Media Management The Effect of Mass Media Production Culture on Their Behavior in Organizational Organizations of the Employees of the Islamic Propaganda Organization (Case Study: Inestram, Telegram and Wattsap) Dr. Soheila Borghani farahani
Dr. Somayyeh Labbafi
Dr. omid jahanshahi
2018-09-29 16:00
150593008 Shahnaz Amjadi MSc Urban Planning Evaluation criteria about Site-selection of Entrepreneurship and employment counseling centers-with Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)- Case Study : 22 districts of Tehran - Winter 94 Dr. Hamireza Parsi 2018-09-26 12:30
150494207 Mohammad Kondori MSc Mechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Design and construction of continuous production of nanostructured metals by ECAP Conform Dr. Ghader Faraji 2018-09-26 10:30
150294721 Mohammad Mirzaee MSc Human Resource Management Designing the Competency Model of the board of directors in the petrochemical industry, focusing on corporate governance Dr. Nasrin Jazani
Dr. Einollah Faramarz
2018-09-26 15:00
150294465 Mohammad Amin Taherpour MSc Clinical psychology Effectiveness of tDCS and Mindfulness Training on Craving , and Cognitive Functions and Mental Health in Patients With SUD Dr. Reza Rostami
Dr. Abas Rahimi Nezhad
2018-09-26 11:00
150295502 Ghazal Abedzad MSc Analysing Employees of Export Development Bank of Iran’s Narrative from Human Resource Management Practices, A Narrative Inquiry Approach Dr. Abas Nargesiyan
Dr. ali piran nezhad
2018-09-26 7:30
150295003 Behnaz Ajdari MSc Impact of ad copies and product type on students’ brand approach in online advertising Dr. Masoud keimasi
Dr. amir khanlari
2018-09-26 15:00
150295158 Fathollah Shabani MSc ECONOMICS The Role Of Hedging In The Non-Oil Exports Dr. ghahreman abdeli
Dr. mohsen mehrara
2018-09-26 19:00
150291383 Alireza Siyari PhD Nonparametric long term perdiction of stock return with generated bond yields Dr. hassan
Dr. Reza Tehrani
Dr. mohammadreza rostami
2018-09-26 14:30
150293163 Mehrdad Khanjani MSc Business Creation Identifing effective factors on value capturing strategy in electonic startups Dr. Seyed Mojtaba Sajadi
Dr. babak zia
2018-09-25 9:00
150292854 Rahmat Ali Saberi Haghayegh PhD Management - Business Management Presenting a model for determining strategies for developing export of fruit and vegetables to Russia Dr. Tahmores Hasangholi pour
Dr. taleghani
2018-09-25 11:00
150294568 Ramin Ghanbari MSc Evaluating Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Video Marketing Dr. nastaran haji heidari
Dr. Mohammad Rahim Esfidani
2018-09-25 11:30
150294428 Elham Sharifi Ghorveh MSc Sociological Analysis of Scientific Corruption (A Study whithin the sociology of Science) Dr. mohammad ali
Dr. ali
2018-09-25 9:00
150292429 Arezoo Soltanmohammadi PhD developing a model for effectiveness of social network in news source (case study Telegram) Dr. Taher Roshandel
Dr. Tahmores Hasangholi pour
Dr. Mohammad bagher Saroukhani
2018-09-24 13:00
150294074 Ghazaleh Ahmadi MSc Financial Management Investigating the model of capital asset pricing with time variation approach and comparison of decreasing and increasing beta in Tehran Stock Exchange Dr. reza ayvazlo 2018-09-23 18:00
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