Receiving admission to the Alborz College

What is the general procedure for university admission?

Graduate admission to the Alborz College of the University of Tehran is done through the national university entrance examination. After passing the examination done by the assessment organization, participants can choose Alborz College and if admitted, enrollment can take place.

Are there any minimum GPA requirements for Masters Courses?

No, it is not among the initial requirements. However, due to having a ratio effect, it impacts the final acceptance.

What qualifications are accepted by the university for Masters Courses?

Bachelor's degrees from national or international universities approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran. 

Note: The assessment of compliance and equivalency of international qualifications with the aforementioned conditions will be based on official approval of the relevant authorities and the  Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran.

What is the minimum GPA for the Doctoral courses and briefly explain the Doctoral admission requirements?


  1.  Holding a master's degree or higher from national or international universities, which is approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  2. Having a minimum average of 14 out of 20 at masters level.
  3. Meeting the minimum General English score General: In accordance with the table set out in the announcement, passing the General English exams (UTEPT or UTEST) administered by The University of Tehran Language Testing Center or General English exam administered by the Alborz College in the first round of student admission examinations for Doctoral courses will be the main requirement for entering specialized tests.
  4. Achieving the minimum passing score on the written test.
  5. Achieving the minimum passing score in the specialized interview: At this stage, participant's scientific, educational, and research records and experiences are assessed by faculty members of the Department during the specialized interview.


* It should be noted that the names of accepted individuals will be announced by the national Education Measurement and Evaluation Organization, and the General Office of The University of Tehran after the evaluating the scores of the written test and the interview.

Is there the possibility of student transfer from Alborz College or guest study at another university?

Student transfer or guest study from the Alborz College to other universities is not possible under any circumstances.

Does the enrollment take place in person?

No, all the enrollment phases take place electronically through the website.

Where can I find a list of courses offered by the college?

Refer to Alborz College portal at and then choose Education in the menu. After choosing educational courses, you can choose between Masters Courses or Doctoral Courses.

Where can I find a list of module syllabus and credits relevant to each course?

In the following web page: It should be noted that educational programs at the Alborz College are conducted according to The

University of Tehrans approved syllabus.

How can I contact intended department staff?

You can choose the staff you are looking for according to your intended course in the introduction section, under the education menu on Alborz College website, and reach them using one of the available contact methods mentioned in the Contact Us page (accessible via the top menus).


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