Introduction and Objectives

Introduction and Objectives

Among the country’s higher education institutions and associated organizations, The University of Tehran enjoys an outstanding position by all accounts. In fact, in determining the credibility and value of the university, if we enumerate such variables as reputation and background, lectures of renowned and distinguished professors, the study of outstanding students, the number of students, professors and staff, the value of the degree certificates in and out of the country, connection and cooperation with executive agencies and administrative and industrial companies and institutions, enjoying enriched and well-equipped libraries and laboratories, diversity of faculties and study programs and associated dependent institutions, and being located at the heart of the capital city of Tehran, undoubtedly we can identify The University of Tehran as the most prestigious and influential university in Iran; hence the famous sayings “The mother of all universities”  and “The icon of higher education”, which are used to refer to The University of Tehran.

Accordingly, within the framework of the country’s twenty year vision plan, comprehensive scientific road-map, economic, social and cultural plans, other principal documents in the field of country's higher education system and also university's strategic plan for the development of higher education with aim of meeting the demands of Iranian and foreign study candidates, The Alborz campus of The University of Tehran was established with the authorization of the development council and approval of the Board of Trustees of The University of Tehran to take part in the training of specialists, research development and participation in advancement of science and technology, and to commercialize quality research results and scientific findings that are competitive on regional and international levels.

The History of the Alborz Campus

The Alborz Campus of The University of Tehran was established on September 17 2011 with the approval of University's Board of Trustees, with the name of The University of Tehran No. 2 (Consisting of both brothers & Sisters colleges), in order to make better use of the university’s potentials and to actualize the goals and missions set by The University of Tehran’s Organization for Investment and Development. The Council for the Advancement of the Higher Education approved the establishment of an academic campus associated to The University of Tehran in Karaj city (Alborz Province) on December 24 2011 within the framework of Instructions for the Establishment of Academic Campuses and Their Executive manual, and is currently known as The Alborz Campus of The University of Tehran.

Alborz Campus

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