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MA in Iranian Cultural Studies

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Iran has always been the subject of study for the students and researchers from all over the world due to its historical, cultural and literary attractions.  From Herodotus reports of ancient period up to several travelers' reports of the Islamic period, all indicate the efforts and researches that have been conducted for studying Iran.

The subject of this MA is to study various dimensions of Iranian history, culture, language and literature from the ancient up to the modern period. 

Students of Iranian Cultural Studies take courses in Ancient and Contemporary Iran.  The courses on Iranian contemporary history, literature and arts, and ancient and middle Iranian Languages such as Ancient Persian, Avestan, Pahlavi and History and Culture of Ancient Iran are both being studied and taught. 

The graduates are qualified to be employed in the areas of journalism, political & cultural services and teaching at universities.

This program is a three semesters program of courses and one semseter for writing thesis.


Academic Calender (2018-2019)

First Semester: 23 September, 2018

Second Semestre: 3 February, 2019


- BA in any field of study

- UT Alborz Campus provides Persian language class through Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute & International Center for Persian Studies before the beginning of MA for those students who need learning basic Persian. 


 Courses Outlines 

Students will study following general courses in the first semester: 

• History of Iran, 

• History of Persian Language, 

• History of Iranian Literature and principles of Iranian Cultural Studies. 


The selective courses which would be offered in second semester: 

§ History of Iran 1

§ History of Literature 1

§ History of Iranian Languages 

§ History of Iran 2

§ History of Iranian Science

§ General Issues of Iranian Cultural Studies (1)

§ General Issues of Iranian Cultural Studies (2)

§ Research Methodology 

§ Bibliography and Reference in Iranian Cultural Studies

§ Areas of Iranian Cultural Studies (Schools, Attitudes and Methods)

§ Specific Topics 

§ Seminar 

§ Iranian World and Present Iran 

§ Historical Sociology of Iran 

§ Archaeology and Study of the Inscription Texts 

§ Study and Criticism of Iranian Cultural Studies Schools 

§ Historical Geography

§ History of Iranian Art 

§ Contemporary Literature 

§ Study of Documents and Inscriptions 

§ History of Iran based on National Narrations 

 § Thesis Writing 

Note:  The Language of instruction is Persian. Basic Persian Language Knowledge is required for all students.


Addmission Requirements:

All Applicants are required to send the required documents to

  • Completed application form (Attached file
  • Digital Copy of the last Degree
  • Digital copies of official transcripts (in English or Persian Language)
  • Digital copies of applicant´s passport or Identification card.
  • Personal photograph



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